Mediation & Divorce

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential way to resolve disputes without giving the decision-making power to someone else (like a judge). It involves sitting down with your spouse (or the person with whom you are having the dispute), and a third-party who is neutral and impartial (the mediator).

Mediators are usually attorneys or mental health professionals trained extensively in the practice of mediation.  They help to identify important issues in the couple's dispute and guide them to resolution.  Mediators do not make judgements about who's right and wrong, although they may provide guidance and feedback.  Control over the outcome of the case stays with the spouses. Compared to litigation, mediation can be faster, more private, more "fair," and less expensive.

I specialize in mediating parenting agreements, and work collaboratively with financial and legal mediators to reach and formalize your divorce agreements. I also mediate post-decree parenting problems, when parents are having difficulty with enforcement of their parenting guidelines including:

Parenting schedule problems
Education or medical disagreements
Alienation issues
Communication problems
Troubled child issues
Significant other issues
Child support disputes
Removal issues

Keeping your family out of the court system is my goal.  I am happy to further discuss my role as a mediator and if mediation is a good option for your family and circumstances.

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