Collaborative Coaching

Divorce Coaching is a service provided by a fully licensed mental health professional at the masters or doctoral level and helps spouses understand how to manage the flood of overwhelming information and emotions during divorce.  People in divorce are often in some level of crisis; making good decisions during a time of crisis can be very challenging, and even dangerous.  A divorce coach helps organize the matters that must be resolved, helps clarify options from a practical and emotional standpoint, and helps clear away some of the emotional interference to help regain focus and make well informed decisions.

As a divorce coach, I help spouses and parents navigate the divorce process by identify their primary needs and interests which builds a platform to achieve their long term goals.


The importance of communication

I also help parents understand the necessity for functional communication, and help them “rewire” old patterns for healthier co-parenting during and after the divorce.  This can be achieved working with either one or both parents. I help clients make adjustments that promote new avenues of interaction – and even minor changes can facilitate a noticeable improvement in the flow of communication.

Unlike therapy, coaching is focused primarily in the present and future. And while there is a therapeutic value to divorce coaching, coaching is focused more on education and tends to be more directive.  Similar to therapy, coaching can help clients transition emotionally out of the marriage, dealing with issues of grief, loss, guilt, regret, renewal and forgiveness.

Divorce coaches are an integral part of a collaborative divorce.  However, coaches can and should be considered in litigated and mediated cases to help manage emotional distress and improve overall communication and well being.  Coaching helps keep the feelings in check during difficult conversations, meetings and negotiations.  Coaches also educate spouses on effective co-parenting strategies during the divorce and into the future.  They help clients transition through their divorce with a greater sense of satisfaction and deeper resolution.

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